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Francesca Maggi takes off her rose-colored glasses and takes on Italy's world-renowned Quality of Life.  Starting with her X Commandments of Life in Italy, she tackles Italian bureaucracy, drivers, superstitions, traditions, La Mamma and more. Readers will get a hilarious insider's guide from an outsider's perspective, taking us through the trials and tribulations of life in Bell'Italia.

Right now, book is ONLY available on Kindle - We hope to have an updated version in the Fall!

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Lisa Reed said...

Will be treating myself to this book over Christmas. It better be good!

Lisa (from )

Irreverent Italy said...


If you have a sense of will love it. But, I advise not reading it all in one sitting - In fact, it makes a great Bathroom Book :)

[And not so you can flush it if you don't like it!]...

Italie emigratieverhalen said...

Hi, I am a Dutchman living in Italy since 2008. I am about to publish a book with short, funny stories about life as a foreigner in Italy. See for fragments and info. Would you be interested in a pre-launch copy for posting an article or so about it? Regards, Stef

Irreverent Italy said...

Carissimo! I have been winding down my blog as I ventured into new territories..but I would *love* to read your book!
And...I would certainly post a review.

I would also highly recommend my dear friend Liz's website and page... DOLCEVIA in Dutch. Tell her I sent you!