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Buon Giorno, Italia!
What a way to start the day!
Swedish fruit juice - Photo Credit: George Jackson Cerrone
Jon Stewart from America's The Daily Show just can't get enough of Silvio!  Here's his latest from Dec 2012, but he proves that Berlusca is, in fact, both timeless and The Gift that keeps on Giving.    Jon Stewart on Silvio III
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When Berlusconi back in 1995 insisted that "Those caught with their hands in the till (the tax evaders) should have the Buon Gusto to resign"  Click here for video 

Berlusconi's Sardinian Paradise changes its name
note: Twin cities with Sodom&Gomorrah

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To Saint Silvio of Arcore

Dear Silvio, my one true love
Carry me with you in your heart
You who can do all in 4 and 48
Take away soon Article 18

Since you already show you have no conscience
Take away our contingents as well
You also show no pity
Take away our pensions that seem to swell
And if you truly want to double down
Leave us not with any vacation out of town

To improve the situation
Take away our unemployment rations
And if inflation continues to go up
Take away our measly pay stubs

And just to bug the labor unions
Just keep on expanding the ranks of unemployed

And to assure that everything's okay
Make us pay for hospital stays
Keep it going, a happy ending
Make us pay our medicine for our tending

And in order to avoid future woes
Send us into retirement at 90 those who dare to grow old.

Berlusconi has decided to run for re-election
But, of course! An assassin always returns to the scene of the crime...
cartoon by Gianni Falcone, Diario Acido