Wednesday, October 3

An uplifting idea...

Here's a brief newsclip for you to ponder:

Today, a study will be presented at a Florence conference which shows that a full 81% of urologists are taking Viagra or like pills. According to the study's founder, urologist Sebastiano Spadafora, this incredible empathy toward their patients (and I quote): "fully demonstrates that this pill will not harm you."
Now. This certainly puts new meaning into the idea of Physician-Patient privelege. And begs a whole heck of a lot of questions.
I understand that in a culture which prides itself on virility (despite the rate of babies being the lowest in the world), that this would be important indeed. So important, in fact, that a mayor of a town here has decided to offer Viagra for free.

But, how, exactly, are these urologists proving their point to their patients? Do they quickly pop a little blue pill and sort of, whip it out? Do they have their female clients simply 'undress' or ask that their patients bring in their wives for a quickie? I mean, after all, this, in a country in which doctors do not leave the room when you undress nor is a nurse present in the room when you have your check up. Maybe that's to sort of expedite matters and not spend too much time on the fore-play. No wonder doctors are always running late.

I mean, the once-Mayor of nearby Lugano was a practicing gynecologist (while in office). Is this why he was so esteemed? After all, women do make up 51% of the electorate.

And, to my dear researcher, I ask...does a correlary to your study show that urologists have found a new niche in making house calls?

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so house calls are coming back. teehee