Friday, November 13

The New Oprah?

I suppose because it worked for her, posting her image on every single issue of one of the most successful magazines in publishing, it could work for the Pope. After all, during the downtrodden days of a global recession, a general lack of spirituality, people leaving the flock...we need to put a face on inspiration. And not Oprah's New Age version of it either. No, we're talking a bit more Old Age. As in Testament. And so it is, that Pope Benedict XVI will be coming out with his very own calendar, His Grace gracing each page.
Here's a sneak preview:
Benedict greets his guests in his Sunday finest...Tiara and all.

Okay, everyone, now look under your seats! Keys to the Kingdom of God!

Showing off his fashion sense

Never a moment's rest for the leader of Christianity, but this is much better than the Flying Nun.

But, for those of you who would like something a little less lofty, and a bit more eye-catching, well, then there's always the Roman Priest Calendar, on sale at a newsstand near you...

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Dave514 said...

I've been away in Dana Point and La Jolla for a week. It was great!

Not sure I get this blog, whether your semi serious or just tongue in cheek, especially knowing your irreligious proclivities. So I think I'll be just like the "Illustrious State of Alabama" and "pass."