Thursday, March 3

Advertising Age - London Edition

Arriving in London, I always can't wait to check out the smart, wicked & wonderful ads all around town.  But this time, I can tell there's a recession over here.  Looks like they've stopped using professional agencies and switched to the next door neighbor's idea after smoking a heck of a lot of dope. 
So, who a better spokesperson for auto insurance rates over the web?  The disfigured has-been, Iggy Pop.  There's so much wrong with these ads that I don't even know where to begin.  I don't associate Iggy with cars, Iggy with driving, Iggy with anything I seriously want to look at in my down time, pretty much, the idea of an extra-revolting mini-me Iggy version mostly just made me think of how I'd look if I ended up in a horrible accident with a 14-wheeler.  Not quite the image for getting me to go out in my car, pedal to the metal.  Now-The Cars would have been another story...
But, I'm sure when they thought it up as they were getting the munchies, it was seriously funny at the time.

Advertising Age:  17

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