Thursday, September 22

It's Showtime!

Nothing short of a miracle seems to have occurred after the summer recess of movie theaters in Rome.  Now, I don't want to ruin my luck, because it might actually just be some strange occurrence happening only during the Feast of San Gennaro or something, but I believe my prayers have finally been answered.  Prayers that date back to my first entering a movie theater in Italy in 1982.
It would appear that movie times have been slightly rearranged to take into account the fact that people would like to eat.  This, in a country where mealtimes: the food, the experience, right down to the order in which you are served what is of primary significance (and justifiably so).

Movies have traditionally started at 8pm or 10pm, and by my book, right smack in the middle of dinnertime.  This of course, is because many Italians work until 7pm (or later), and most likely cannot make it out before then.  But it also signifies that you either race to the theater and watch a movie hungry, or are forced to practically fall asleep after eating during the late show.  My simple dream?  To be able to watch a movie 'til 9pm and then eat something afterward, or, enjoy a wonderful Happy Hour buffet or a meal before 9pm showtime.
Having just recently checked out all the great fall movies, I think this idea may be catching on.  This, indeed, would be a happy ending.

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