Thursday, November 17

Berlusconi, Monti & the Spread

All the Prime Minister's Women / This picture was posted on the Informare Controinformando News Facebook Page and compares the women Ministers of the previous Administration to those of the newly minted Monti Administration.

Above, we have (the titles above are incorrect)

Minister of Justice - Paola Severino - Lawyer, Four time Vice President of the Council of Military Magistrates, with a stellar defense career, she has been listed as one of the richest public officials.

Minister of the Interior - Anna Maria Cancellieri - Commissioner of Parma, Bologna,, Prefect & Sub-Commissioner of Milano.

Welfare Minister - Elsa Fornero - Economist, specialized in pensions, & Prof of Policy & Economics, Vice Pres on the oversight board of one of Italy's top banks, Intesa Sanpaolo & advisor for Russia & E. European banks

Below, our previous ministers:

Minister of Tourism (Italy's most important industry) - Michela Vittoria Brambilla - Former model, Voted Miss Elegance for Emilia, worked for Mediaset (Berlusconi's TV co.) - Studied some philosophy & obtained journalist credentials

Minister of Education - Mariastella Gelmini - Graduate in Law/Administration outside track, President of the City Board of Desenzano del Garda (a small tourist hamlet)

Minister for Equal Opportunity - Mara Carfagna - Former topless model, ballerina & voted Miss Cinema at the Miss Italy contest - Graduated with honors in jurisprudence before working on Berlusconi's campaign in Campania.

Let's just hope that these women with the credentials can now be the ones to turn heads.


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I hear you!

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Brava: finalmente "DONNE"

Anonymous said...

not too good though that in 2012 you have to be ugly to be credible in the eyes of men

Irreverent Italy said...

Today, the Minister of Equal Opportunities met with a group of "Young Businessmen", men being the operative word... And she let them know that a country which marginalizes women starting with the young people would be "going nowhere fast".

''Come ministro delle pari opportunita' - ha detto Fornero, anche titolare del Welfare - devo sottolineare che se neanche i giovani hanno la consapevolezza che il contributo delle donne deve essere valorizzato non si va da nessuna parte'' ha detto stigmatizzando tale atteggiamento come ''culturalmente sbagliato''.

Liz Knight said...

I hang my head. I cringe when I see female television journalists dressed like they're teenagers in a disco (next to their male counterparts in business suits), and when I see girls in bikinis dancing on comedy shows. It bothers me so much I can't even articulate it well; it's visceral. Anyway, good post!!
Liz Knight