Wednesday, January 11

And the Winner is...Burnt by Tuscan Sun Giveaway

As I had announced on my Facebook page, Blogger Michelle (& co-host of the terrific podcast show Eye on Italy) from Bleeding Espresso reviewed my book and offered a free book to the best story of someone's first Italian memory or their wish for a first-time visit in Italy.  She collected some terrific stories on her book review page.  Keeping in theme with my book, I have featured some of my favorites below.  As I wrote in my book (and in the Chi Sono? section of my blog) my first trip to Italy was at 4 mths old so no memories from then. But it was the maniacal mix of pain & pleasure that kept me coming back for more.
So, enjoy -- and, feel free to add your own first-time memories of Bell'Italia!

Saretta / My very first minutes in Italy were not auspicious. Upon arriving at the Bari airport the customs agents tore my whole suitcase apart and I was barely able to get everything back in and close it. The school where I would be teaching had sent a student to pick me up at the airport and his car was so small my suitcase wouldn’t fit in the trunk. The rather unfriendly fellow, quite obviously put out about being elected to pick me up, dumped me off in front of the apartment building that was to be my home and said, here are the keys, goodbye! I didn’t know what floor I lived on, how to work the elevator, who I would be living with, where the school was…Things soon got even worse, but eventually got better…obviously, because that was in 1990 and I’m still here! saretta´s last post . . . Yin-Yang You

Pauline / My first two trips to Italy didn’t really give me any particular positive feelings about Italy: the first time I set foot in the country was at age 15 on a schooltrip to Rome…..a lot of churches…..too many for a 15 year old; second time interrailing at 18….the problem wasn’t Italy though but rather the heavy rucksack and the tent….
Subconsciously however these trips must have made a good impression, because I’ve been living in Italy for 10 years now!!!
Amy / I haven’t been, but when I do go, my first memory will be (knowing me) the food.

Megan / I had to change trains at the French/Italian border, in Ventimiglia. It was apparent I was in a whole other country – if not on a whole other planet! – the second I stepped off the train. There are a few tell-tale signs you are in Italy…
1. The policemen are in a cluster, chain-smoking, usually in the vicinity of a sign that says “no smoking,” and making no secret about the fact that they are trying to figure out your figure under that coat.
2. The train platform has a restroom, smoking lounge, and chapel.
3. There actually are old ladies in black dresses ready to shake their fist and yell at you…loudly. (I still can’t figure out what she thought could have been wrong with my biglietti, biglietti, BIGLIETTI!!!)
The fact that all these stereotypes actually happened to be true blew my ever-loving mind! Oh my gosh, I was so excited!!! No doubt the fact that I was smiling ear to ear only encouraged the police officers and befuddled the old lady.  Cont'd on bleeding espresso page...
And the winner the spirit of Burnt by the Tuscan Sun...(insert drum roll...)
Chef Barbie / My most vivid memory of italy would be coming around the corner to the piazza di trevi and thinking to myself, “shouldn’t i be hearing the water splashing in the fountain by now?”  and then seeing the fountain sitting there empty. it was monday morning so the fountain had been drained for cleaning and coin collection. i had to come back around later that day to see the fountain in all its glory.Chef Barbie´s last post . . . Culinary School – Q6 Week 4 LatinChef Barbie...Enjoy your free copy of Burnt by the Tuscan Sun!  For the rest of you...Available on Amazon or receive a signed copy when ordering directly from my blog page thru paypal - posted on the right hand column.


barbie2be said...

thank you so much! i am looking forward to reading the book! i love italy and especially tuscany.

Damian Lawrence-Author said...

Dragging a suitcase down narrow little alleyways, trying to find my graduate school center and wondering why all the streets had the same name: "Senso unico"! ;-P

Anonymous said...

I thought the one about the person with motion sickness was the best, although the winner's is more aligned with the themes from your book