Friday, September 6

The roads leading to Rome...Part II

My fascination with Roman roads - at least for this post - started when Roman Elizabeth Minchilli Tweeter / Blogger / Gal about town(s) judging by her handles @eminchilli ·   ·  · · ] tweeted:  Only in Rome would street cleaning (normal in other cities) be news. Here's the article in La Repubblica.

Now, to be fair, it was August and we were lucky to get any 'news' worth printing, let alone the street cleaning.  But, personally, I love it when the Mayors start posting their urban improvements all around town.  The previous mayor, Mayor Alemanno, periodically put up posters saying "Trimmed 5500 trees!"  or "Garbage recycled up 5%"  I love these direct democracy kind of posts.  I like to see my city govt taking action.
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But most people, like Sigra. Minchilli (and I admit, myself included) love to ironize about what it takes to tell us that our city is doing what it's supposed to be doing.  And that is perhaps because, shortly thereafter, things often look the same as before.  The architect who posted the above was pondering just how many public structures (and I'd many trees?) were disfigured in order to highlight the Buone Azioni of our municipality.
As for the trees, others complained that you don't trim in winter (I think they have a point) and personally, having witnessed those gorgeous umbrella pines practically shaved headless, well, I didn't think 'trim' was the operative word.  Around Rome, they still haven't recovered their glorious - albeit precarious-in-a-storm - canopies.

And while I'm on the topic of trees (and tree-lined roads, just to get back to the original theme of the post), may I submit that Italy's Legambiente environmental group, residents, and even City Parks held an all-day Tree & Money growing-on-trees party -- to help replant the 60-odd trees that were maliciously destroyed in a newly-created park for residents that was recouped from an abandoned lot.  
This is in Garbatella, right near the Regione Lazio and the via Cristoforo Colombo.
Bring trees - bring funds - Bring yourselves - Bring Joy - and don't let the vandals (or worse) get our city down.

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