Thursday, October 17

Alitalia Takes a Nose Dive

I have started commenting on Current Events in Italy over at my new blog, Irreverent Italy.  I'll be keeping this one going too, for more of my classic cross-cultural commentary, but thought you all might want to go there - it's still a work in progress, but hey...

Here is the first part of the Alitalia / Italian Post Office deal.  In my book, I dedicate ample copy to both poxes on the House of Italy.  But, putting them together?  This is a satirist's dream come true...

Okay-you know things are bad with your Company when the last resort to bail you out is a company so broke it has stopped mail delivery -- and it's the one who is supposed to be delivering the mail.  This is like Detroit trying to get bailed out by Lehman Bros.  I don't know where to start with this incredible story of how - gasp! - horrors! - The Italian Post Office is going to save Alitalia, so I'll start at the end:  Let it fail.  It's not like we'll all suddenly be stranded on our little peninsula - it's a peninsula, after all, and we could always train it out if worse came to worst.  There are plenty of airlines who would gladly pay for the slots, they just don't want to buy the Company those slots come with.

Picture by Gianni Falcone - Diario Acido

Again, in my book, I declare:  We've lost TWA to the junk heap of history, we stared up aghast when the last 'M' came off the Pan Am Building in New York City (I was there), we saw Sabina take its last lap, the Concord moved to a museum, and SwissAir fall from its lofty position (okay, it was reborn the very next day as Swiss, but still...)

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