Saturday, May 3

You know you're in (yawn) Switzerland when a cheese merger makes front page news

Anyone who's ever come near Switzerland knows two things about it: You can get the most outrageous fondue on the planet, and that you will most likely have to mortgage your maison for that palatable pleasure. You walk off the pistes (or, as I am wont to do, you drive up the mountaintop and pull into the nearest parking spot) and into the everlovin' cheese chalet where you settle for the next hour dousing yourself in wine while your tastebuds battled it out with your brain: Fondue or Raclette?

These two items have been on every menu since the time 
that very first cow sat too long in the sun and cheese was born.

So it came as a shock to see on the front page of the newspapers, the awesome announcement that two mega-cheese producers would be merging into one.  Dubbed the "marriage of fondue & raclette" it rocked both financial markets and fondue lovers alike.  Who knew that one company was the no. 2 distributor of the line of cheeses for one item, the other, specialized in producing well, a type of cheese - called raclette? And, it wasn't until 2014 that the twain shall meet...excepting for on that wonderful liste of mouth-watering melted cheese meals.  Bon Appetit!

*And the best part about writing this up was discovering that there's a helpful app to help you sort it all out...Here, reviewed by padgadget. 

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