Saturday, January 12

Kiss Naples Goodnight

Ahhh...Naples is known for its incredible tradition of folk songs, and, is the home of one of my most favorite Italian singers, jazz artist, Pino Daniele. Not only has Napoli inspired arias, folksongs, dance, poets, artists and writers, to make up their own heritage, but many artists have set their tunes to lovely Naples by the Mediterranean Sea.
Louis Prima, another favorite of mine (and not least for being the inspiration for and the actual voice of King Louie in Disney's The Jungle Book, is making a comeback these days. I thought it appropriate, since he was born and raised in that other unfortunate place by the sea, New Orleans, to use him for my very own tribute to lovely Napoli.

Please note: the lyrics have been altered slightly but the beat remains the same:

Buona Sera, signorina, buona sera
It is time to say goodnight to Napoli
Though it's hard for us to whisper, buona sera
with the noise coming from the military

In the mornin' signorina we'll go walkin'
‘Round the mountains of the trash to see the light
And by the little jewelry shop we'll not stop to linger
‘cuz you have to hold your nose with your ring finger

But in the meantime let me tell you that I love you
Buona sera, signorina kiss Naples goodnight

Buona sera, signorina kiss Naples goodnight

I was based overlooking New York Harbour when the now-infamous Garbage Barge came passing through again and again...Check this out.


Anonymous said...

good one lucy. i love it.
i can actually hear my fave dean martin singing it.

Unknown said...

Such beautiful lyrics from such a beautiful lady. But my heart bleeds for poor Trevor - see 'Tante belle cose', so young, yet having to live in an old Honda!
Ancient Biker

Anonymous said...

Good post.