Thursday, July 3

News of the World

Now, I rarely go outside the boundaries of my Italian peninsula...but, every once in awhile some excellent news ditties cross my line of vision, and I just can't resist! You'll have to decide which one you find more outrageous:

* In Holland, the Smoking Ban against Tabacco took effect. This means, like in most of Europe, you gotta go outside to smoke. Everything except marijuana. The coffee shops touting Mary Jane and all her friends are left intact, no laws, no fines.

Something inside me absolutely relishes this ruling, while somewhere else, I can't imagine why this law is so over-the-top preposterous.

* In England, they recently ran a competition for the star with the Best Smile, much like the Best-Dressed Awards (winner: Paul McCartney). This as an attempt to start focusing much-needed attention on the Brits' teeth (finally, we're well into the Next Millenium after all)

Truly, you can travel from Tibet to Timbuctu and find whiter, straighter & healthier smiles than you can in Central London.

* In the Maldives, they have installed those spy cameras that take photos of your license plate (who knew they even had roads in that island paradise?) So, one wise guy invented a contraption that, when he pressed a button on his motorcycle, the license plate flipped up -- in just the amount of time to whiz by the cameras at top speed. Well, they finally caught up to him.

This is so ingenious that I can't believe the guy wasn't Italian, but, I'm sure it's a new feature at your local body shop.

* In Bulgaria, the prostitutes were busy youtubing themselves in the public bathrooms. But, they also took to filming regular clients under the showers and uploading the files. Their fun was put to an end when the husbands saw their own wives on the porno sites.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but, in the event of the eventual confrontation, either the wives were lying about whoring around, or, the husbands were about how they found out in the first place...

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Anonymous said...

Re:Holland smoking ban (excluding marijuana...)
I guess the Dutch care about their lungs, but not their brains