Monday, August 1

Tante Belle Cose - July in Italy

Aside from the absolutely beautiful weather, cool nights and wonderful summer evenings, and besides the budget machinations in order to save Italy's debt, there was lots to rejoice this month. Italy's sports teams were picking up awards, left right and center, but it did little to unite the country.

First, we had Federica Pellegrini swimming for the Azzurri won the Gold Medal for the 200 & the 400 freestyle.
What a shame she took the French ex-coach of her rival (along with her rival's boyfriend) to gain the kudos.

The Italian Waterpolo Team (called affectionately, i Settebello - after the 7 Gold card in the Italian decks of cards) won the Gold in the swimming World Championships.

And from the fabulous I was pleased to learn a few new things, which in and of themselves should garner gold medals:
  • A Tuscan vintner came up with an ingenious technique to allow places to serve and sip expensive wines by the glass - the Enomatic

[And on that note, I was recently informed that in the original text, Pinocchio is actually eaten by a Shark.  In the Disney version, it was turned into a less threatening and user-friendly whale]...

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