Sunday, October 16

Become a Movie Producer & Help Save Italy!

A friend & her troupe is currently making a documentary The Genius of a Place detailing the "development" of a charming Italian town after its been discovered by tourists.  While set in Italy, it's the story of anywhere on earth and asks the question of how we can maintain the charm, the way of life which attracted the tourists to begin with, while facing the inevitable changes that "development" brings.
As someone with a blog (and soon-to-be book) called Burnt by the Tuscan Sun, I was amazed to see that the documentary is being filmed in Cortona, a place still able to charm your socks off, but one that changed dramatically after garnering international attention following the success of Frances Mayes' Under the Tuscan Sun.
The movie will take you down this path and features interviews with locals and famous actors who frequent those out-of-the-way places, precisely for their charm and seeming obscurity...
The documentary needs funding for completion and so now it's your chance to help change the future and create sustainable tourism in Italy, and elsewhere round the world.  Even a small contribution garners you some freebies and a return on your investment (and, you can call yourself an international movie producer!!).  So, check out the IndieGogo website, check out their website and youtube channel for more groovy clips with amazing stars, and, help get this movie into the Oscars!  

And, as a special bonus:  For those of you who contribute $250, you get to spend a half day with me, Francesca Maggi, checking out some of my favorite haunts in Rome, and I'll give you an autographed copy of my book!!

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cuzliz said...

Does that $250 contribution get me airfare so I can spend the half day with you? Can I get a signed copy of your book even if I don't contribute? :-)

Irreverent Italy said...

Airfare & batteries not included. A few of my faithful readers will, in fact, be receiving signed copies of the book...So, keep a look out in your mailboxes around December - That is, if it doesn't get lost in the mail!