Friday, October 14

Even the Statues in Rome are Against Berlusconi

Berlusconi may once again survived a vote of no-confidence, but the rumblings are still going strong.  Here's the latest post from Pasquino, the last 'talking statue' of Rome, whom the government continues to try and silence along with all us bloggers.  You can usually find Pasquino's postings ("Earth's first blogger") with his own page on my blog:  Pasquino:the talking Statue just click on colored area
Popolo Sovrano
I Referendum fatti
han bocciato le cricche
Un governo di monatti
le vuole sempre ricche
ed allor va contro legge?
la corda più non regge

Sovereign People
Referendum's all over
blew the political clic's cover
A government of grim reapers
wants to keep on getting richer
and so, who cares about the laws?
the coalition is made of straw


Cathy said...

Hi Francesca,
I just discovered your blog yesterday, and I really like it, so I will be a regular reader.

Irreverent Italy said...

Thanx Cathy! I'll also be posting a few more sundry items on my new fb page as well...Just make sure you click EVERYONE...and post your own!

And, if you want to know more cultural -vs- news commentaries, be sure to check out the early posts...

A presto!