Saturday, August 4

Dog Days of Summer III

Please...don't leave me behind...Take me with you.

This weekend, millions of families are hitting the roads for their summer holidays, and hundreds of thousands of dogs are hitting the pavements.  They may start off their journey in the family car, only to find themselves left at the side of a road and, after a lifetime of finding food in a bowl each day, fending for themselves before finding themselves at the front of a car fender.  Due to budget cuts and a lack of sensitivity by certain governments to the problem, year by year the adverts are disappearing, almost as fast as your neighbor's pets.  
For more articles on this very Southern European phenomenon (France, Greece, and Spain are in on it too), which I understand in economically challenged America is a growing one, too, click on the links below.  
And, enjoy your holidays -- along with your pets.  Most places in Italy accept them. 

Some Pet-Friendly Resources for holidays with Fido

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Kay said...

I live in one of those gorgeous hillside villages where people love to abandon their dogs, knowing that we will feed them. So sad.

My dogs (waifs which adopted me) care for one another like an old married couple, scrapping, playing, but ultimately caring for one another, especially if one has a problem of any kind.

We can certainly learn from the dogs about loyalty and affection!