Friday, March 14

Francesca Maggi's...Strange But True!

GARBAGE - The Spillover
A guy in Naples (and he’s not the only one) just got his Garbage Tax bill. 257 euro ($400) for the year. Considering they haven’t picked up the garbage in over 8 months…But of course, if he doesn’t pay up, he'll be charged late fees and compounded interest.

So when will the residents get to levy late fees on the City Govt.??

And, to add insult to injury, this week the Garbage Collectors went on strike across the country.
I’m sure they’re not paid enough, so, I’ll let them have their way…but,talk about playing dirty...

The Riddle of the Mail Delivery
Like a bad Nancy Drew mystery, I could not figure out why all my mail would come on some days, and the box would remain empty on others. Turns out, they’ve reduced mail delivery! In Italy, the Postman only rings every other day.

When you stop and think how once the Sick Man of Europe, England, now delivers sometimes twice in a day, and a letter sent that morning will arrive in your box that afternoon…far from sick, the British Post Office is on Viagra.


A Big Mafioso weighing over 210 kilos (that’s over 460 lbs.), was sent home for house arrest because he was deemed ‘unfit’ for prison life. FAT CAT
So, instead of being forced to do jumping jacks out in the yard, he gets sent home for more delicious pasta alla norma?
Meanwhile, they neglected to notice that errr…he already did a pretty good job conducting his business from home while being immobile…
Coming right out of Central Casting for the Sopranos, no one caught the irony in the fact that he is the head of the ‘Lo Piccolo’ Clan.

You can’t make this stuff up.


Anonymous said...

i enjoy reading your posts!!!
ps any insight from Italy about the Spitzer scandal. Here it is NYs favorite topic of the week.

Irreverent Italy said...

Well, all of us expats are TOTALLY OBSESSED with the whole thing, and yours truly in particular...although it pales to what's goin' down with the Mayor of Detroit...
It barely made the press in Europe, with most saying, "So what? We do it all the time". And, judging by the number of CONVICTED POLITICIANS in Parliament, I'd say, they have a point.