Tuesday, March 18

A word of the wise

Thirty years ago, on March 16th, 1978, Aldo Moro, twice Prime Minister was killed by the Red Brigades--partly for making his 'Historic Compromise' with the Communist Party, although the exacting truth behind his death remains a mystery even today. In honour of this Statesman and intellectual, I offer a quote that they've plastered on posters around Rome:

«Questo Paese non si salverà, la stagione dei diritti e delle libertà si rivelerà effimera, se in Italia non nascerà un nuovo senso del dovere». ...

«This Country will not be saved, the season of rights and freedoms will reveal itself to be ephemeral, unless a new sense of duty is born in Italy». ...

Looking at where we stand 30 years on, the only sense of duty that politicians seem to have is in assuring themselves more rights and freedoms.

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