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Tante Belle Cose - February 08

Italy is definitely on the move. Consumer unions are on the attack, 24 hr. services are going strong, and satirical shows are exposing all kinds of graft, corruption and waste…and still remain on the air. You can feel that change is happening, and, for the first time in years, Italians seem to be fighting the system. Maybe because there is none right now. I’m all for leaving us with no government. Think of the savings! And, all those pesky government motorcades – the roads have never been clearer of traffic!

They may not care where they drop their litter, but, give us a Tsunami in Thailand, or abused children or horrific crimes, the Italians will show their solidarity first and foremost. And so it is with events – large and small – this month:

- The EU has determined that in all countries singles can adopt children. This is absolutely terrific news, except that in Italy, couples wait an average of 7 years to get a child, and even then, ‘the system’ prefers to leave the Italian babies in foster care in much the same way they prefer to leave dogs in shelters—the system rewards the numbers.

- And, speaking of babies, a pedophile was released after raping 3 little sisters (and why he only got a sentence as if he had raped 1 is beyond me), he then brutally attacked another 4 yr. old. Italy is now debating their own ‘Megan’s Law’, whereby people will be forewarned if a pedophile is moving into the neighborhood. The outcry was so strong that they are debating changing the law for pedophiles to life in prison; about the only place they should be allowed to live, at least to this correspondent.

- A Jewish University opened its doors in Rome. Considering it once held the oldest Jewish population in Europe, I for one am delighted. Even moreso since the rector insists that all religions will be taught and tolerated. Now if we could just get the same treatment from our friends in the Middle East.

- One small step for man…the Italians imposed a €100 euro fine for anyone caught ‘touching themselves’, even fully clothed on the outside of their pants.
I’m wondering if we can just make ‘citizen’s arrests’ and just pocket the money. I know I could make quite a killing on this one. Especially when in Italy, they don't knock on wood...but rather, touch their woody to ward off any bad luck.

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Anonymous said...

is it possible to add a foto in this comment space?

Anyway..this is an interesting page about the difference between the Italy you describe and the Italy that keeps alive the Italians and the whole Italy. Is the opposite but real, concrete, view of the unreal one

Irreverent Italy said...

I tried to post the image and I also tried to view the original article but alas! The image gets bugged up by a huge popup covering the article (even if they're blocked), and Libero only offers an extract of the article.

Look out for a post on the article depicting quite justly the differences between the north that works and the south where nothing does. From someone who lived in Milan for 12 years, I must say, I concur with the author.