Friday, May 16

Francesca Maggi's...Strange But True!

What goes up must come down
And Rome’s Vittoriano is no exception! While Rome’s new Mayor hasn’t yet gotten around to taking down the Ara Pacis, it turns out they will be taking down the controversial elevators at the Victor Emanuel Monument in Piazza Venezia. They only cost over 1.5 M euro to put in (last fall) in the first place. Now, they want to build the elevator inside due to the eyesore factor (call me blind, but I still haven’t determined where they are…) You can read more about this practice here.

Better late than never

After 34 years and over 750,000 pages of legal docs, it terms out the 6 neonazis responsible for setting off a bomb in Brescia (killing 8 and injuring 108) will finally go to trial. This case has been frozen for so long, it should have run out as a statue of limitations…

Bamboccionis in the Media
After a 32 yr old high on whatever ploughed his car into 2 Irish tourists, killing them, the media kept referring to him as a ‘ragazzo’. The last time I checked my dictionary, that term meant ‘boy’, e.g., under 18 – heck, I’d even take 21. His own dad called him a typical bamboccione (the Italian man-boys who are stuck in a prolonged adolescence). I’m sure the apple of his eye. You can see him at the wheel filmed with his own phone in another episode and a 'Look Ma, No Hands!' bravado.

Blondes have (much) more fun
Mara Carfagna, neo-Minister for Equal Opportunity is, in fact, a lawyer (and that’s no small feat in Italy). So, you can have good looks and brains to boot! No wonder she proudly displays her brunette locks.

The Demise of the Family
In Italy, as in the US, there’s been much talk about divorce, gay marriage, cohabitation, and so on. Berlusconi must have taken one look at the low birth rate, and decided to do without a Ministry of Family Affairs altogether!


Anonymous said...

1. Looks like you are judging people by their implants etc. & not by their accomplishments. tsk.tsk.

2. There are fewer ministers because Berlusconi has a stated goal of reducing gov't (the poltrone,,,) & he had to start somewhere.

3. The trial of the terrorists has been going on for years because of leftist judges, & liberal citizenry who do not recognize terrorist threats. (somewhat like here...but at least the Italians have not had to pay the ACLU for defending the disgraziati & prolonging the trials.).

4. We'll know that civization has really evolved when Trevor is sitting at the restaurant table, & YOU are groveling on the floor!

Irreverent Italy said...

1. Since I'm not a Political commentator, but a simple satirist, I DEFINITELY prefer hair plants to "accomplishments". Also because, I couldn't think of any.

2. I think it's great that they'll be reforming the poltrone. I was just amused that in a country where the family is not even 1 child per couple that it would be that dept.

3. The Trial hasn't even started! This is just the investigation. And, to state that 'Liberals' are now in bed with the 'Neo-Nazi e.g. Extreme Fascists' is truly a leap.

4. Just like Planet of the Apes. I can't wait.

Irreverent Italy said...

As of this writing (comment added at the dawn of 2012):

1) The Ara Pacis is still standing, it's dividing wall still up, no park is in place and everything is status quo

2) The elevators are still there, going up & down, and...despite the eyesore, I still can't find them when I need them

3) The landfill was supposed to be closed but will probably keep on getting filled... and

4) The only thing the mayor has succeeded in eliminating for good are the tree-lined streets (of course, leaving 3 ft high stumps in their wake)