Friday, May 2

Tante Belle Cose - April08

April has brought more than just a new government to Italy & Rome – and, depending on which side of the fence you’re on, you either consider the outcome una bella cosa or no. And although the news has covered almost nothing but, I did manage to pick up on some amazing happenings across the country.

- First and foremost, Milano won the bid to host the Expo 2015. This, for all of us here in Italy, and even for this ex-Milanese was actually a great source of pride and I’m sure stimulation as they set out to transform Milan into an even more international city.

- I discovered, while sharing a table with a group of policemen, and carefully hiding little Trevor underneath and out of sight, that Rome City passed a law in which dogs are allowed in all bars, restaurants and stores!!!!

Considering that just the night before poor Trev had to sit idly outside in the cold watching us eat…turns out that the restaurateurs actually have to put themselves on a list of establishments that does not accept our furry friends….Trevor rejoiced over a succulent steak bone.

Now, if this doesn’t prove that civilization evolves I don’t know what does.

- Emma Marciagalla was named the first woman to head up Italy’s important Association of Industry, Confindustria. Head of her family’s steel concern, it’s no surprise she is called Black&Decker…

- Infertile Italians got to collectively thumb their nose at the Vatican and start artificial insemination. One giant step for mankind…thousands of baby steps to follow.

- In April, Rome turned 2761. Although I’m not sure when the clock started ticking there…with the arrival of the she-wolf and Romulus & Remus?


Anonymous said...

Not so sure I'd consider letting animals into eateries an evolution of civilization.... actually, all the contrary, it's VERY unhygienic and a huge imposition upon those of us who don't like to eat food in the company of animals.
I personally don't think animals and food/drinks mix- keep 'em separated.

Irreverent Italy said...

Even if little Trevor can't even reach the chair?! People don't even know he's there...
I mean, I'd draw the line at an Old English Sheep Dog, even though they're all only as dirty and unhygienic as the bottoms of our shoes...