Sunday, August 24

Here Comes the Bride

When visiting Italy, with its astounding number of charming churches, stunning scenery and perfect piazzas, you will find an added attraction: wedding couples having their photographs taken in full dress. The brides coming out of churches, crossing the gardens, or sitting in front of fountains always stop crowds.

While friends and I were enjoying granitas in Castel Gondolfo, directly in front of the already picture perfect entrance to the Pope’s residence (replete with Swiss Guards, no less), we were graced by a young couple in the piazza.

We looked on as the groom, in his sparkling tuxedo (I must admit, we first thought it was wet), was asked to twirl his bride around. Shots completed, everyone set out for the next gorgeous promenade to set up the next shot. Well, everyone except the bride, that is.

While the best man, the groom and the photographer headed across the piazza, our damsel became distressed. Her heel had caught on her train. As she struggled to set herself free, the men, now fully across the piazza, just kept right on truckin’. Finally, although by this time, she was already on her way, all by herself and toting her bouquet, her husband-to-be turned to wait. A collective whew! rose from the crowd of onlookers.

But as soon as she reached him, off the groom was again, leaving his beautiful bride in the fairy sparkle dust coming off his tails.

Now we all know, love and accept life in the Mediterranean, where men are men and women are (usually) treated like women, but this was a bit much. While debating whether to call out, It’s not too late to change your mind!, we watched to see if she would throw that silk shoe of hers at his head.

Sad to say, she simply picked up her dress and scuttled on behind him.

"He never even noticed my outfit!" photo from


Unknown said...

I was there, it's all true!!!
Linda Penzabene

Carol said...

you should have shouted to him--where are you going? don't forget your bride! my bet is that they have been together for ages;-)

the groom was actually wearing a tux? with bowtie and all?? that's rare.