Wednesday, December 3

It's not what you say...

Perusing the headlines whilst in London, I've come across some interesting stories. They say as much about the crime culture here of course, as the entire English culture itself. And, just like in Italy, when the adjective best suits the crime, there is something in the way the English portray their criminals and victims by age vis a vis the Italian style of daily drama. Basically, the more severe the incident, the older or younger you become for dramatic effect. It's just that in Italy, one could argue, the age going up or down is an inversely proportional twist:

From the UK:

A 20 year old man was shot today…

The young man showed a promising future (about an 11 year old boy who was run over by two cars).

Police investigating a series of hoax security alerts at a west Belfast school two male youths have been arrested…(18 years of age)

British Transport Police spent hours painstakingly tracing the four men using CCTV…The court heard how the men terrorised passengers as they demanded mobile phones, MP3 players, jewellery, wallets and PIN numbers for cash cards. The most prolific member of the group, Melvyn Gay, 27, Sheldon Williams, 20, of Clapton and Aaron Flemming, 20, of Hackney, east London, received four-and-a-half years each and Douglas Lawrence, 20, of Tottenham, north London, was sentenced to five years.

A British doctor volunteering in DR Congo used text message instructions from a colleague to perform a life-saving amputation on a boy (16 years old).

Two men have been killed, after 19-year-old was found seriously injured

A teenager has been jailed for life…

In Italy:

Tragedia a Roma: Due ragazze irlandesi di 28 e 29 anni sono state travolte e uccise la notte scorsa da un’auto pirata (Two girls, 28 & 29 years old...while the 32 year old unemployed mamma's boy was often referred to as ragazzo)

Gli scherzi telefonici di un ragazzo italiano fanno impazzire il web - I video-beffa di Francesco, 19enne casertano.

Un giovane di 30 anni, Valerio Ullasci, ha ucciso con un machete i propri genitori (30 yr old youth kills parents)

I bimbi—senegalesi, rom, italiani — sono tutti uguali per chi sfrutta i minori di 14 anni nell’accattonaggio (the tots - minors under 14 yrs old)

14ENNE ACCOLTELLATO DA UN COETANEO Tra i due giovani...(knifing between two 14 yr. old youths)

Una ragazza 14enne uccisa (14 yr. old girl killed)

Vendeva cocaina a ragazze diciottenni in cambio di sesso. (sold cocaine to 18 yr. old girls)

La macchina della giustizia è in moto per dare un perché alla morte sul lavoro di un ragazzo di 18 anni (boy of 18 dies on the job)

Un 30enne di Urbania ha iniziato a minacciare di ritorsioni l'attuale fidanzato, della sua ex, un ragazzo di 24 anni, consegnandogli anche una cartuccia per carabina. (a 30 yr. old began threatening a boy of 24)

As in War, so as in Love.
In the UK, the country with the highest percentage of teenage unwed mothers, they are called just that. While in Italy, my 42 year old unwed pregnant girlfriend was called equally and disparingly, 'ragazza madre'.


Anonymous said...

che brava ragazza sei francesca! your observation is dead on.

bacco1977 said...

I'm a 31 years old Italian MAN living in Dublin.

I left Italy for the things (problems and culture) you often complain about.

this post really hurts...
But you're right.

Unknown said...

i have no words.
i left italy for a lot of stuffs...ogni giorno succede qualcosa ke rafforza la mia convinzione a rimanere dove sono...grazie per il tuo blog

Irreverent Italy said...

I think every culture has its own funny quirks and things that anyone can poke fun at: look at America with its eating frenzy + malnourished kids, its 'soccer moms' and rampant consumerism.
In England, its their obsession with the weather, shorts in December, and drinking binges which make even the Russians look like AA groupies.
I don't think I'd live in Italy if I didn't love it, but, I just wanted to provide a different look at the Bella Vita...
Thank you for reading!

Kataroma said...

Yeah it is amazing how people never grow up here. I think many of them would like to grow up earlier, finish uni, move out of home, get a proper job - but the culture just doesn't allow that until you're at least in your early 30s.

I have an Italian friend (married) who had a baby at 25 and people thought she was a teen mum! In Italy you're still a baby yourself at 25...

Anonymous said...

Francesca, dici che stai in Italia perche' ti piace!
Perche' non provi a scrivere qualcosa
di "BUONO" dell'Italia invece di denigrare sempre. Certamente non e'
peggiore del tuo Paese di nascita!
Dio ce ne liberi.
E ricordati che non si sputa mai sul
pane che mangi (ossia l'Italia ti da
da mangiare)!

Irreverent Italy said...

Sì hai ragione. E' molto meglio far parte dei 3 milioni di persone a scrivere su quanto sono buone le orecchiette con cima di rapa, oppure sul paessaggio magnifico della Toscana e i vini particolari...
E' anche meglio comportarsi da struzzo piuttosto che commentare su una società e le loro modi diversi che spesso fan ridere, spesso fanno impazzire...
Questa sì che è denigrare il luogo dove vivi...e mangi, anche se mangi bene al contempo.