Thursday, January 8

Happy Malpensa Day!

Today, according to the newspapers, is Malpensa Day. It's a fine day to be celebrating, since even the workers who planned to strike in an effort to keep it open (go figure), struck out.
That's because our ill-thought airport was closed due to inclement weather. As one politician remarked the last time the airport closed because of a snowstorm..."They built the airport at the foot of the Alps and are caught off guard when it snows in the wintertime?" A man after my own heart.
But today, meetings were held about its fate, when flights have been reduced already to 1/10 of what they once were.
I am still holding out that Malpensa stays afloat. I can't fathom the economics behind it, but, I still love it. Besides, it's not at fault for starting out with fowl Feng Shui...My solution? Change the name to Benpensa and see what comes next. In the meantime, I'll light a candle for you...Happy Malpensa Day!


Dave514 said...

You know how to change that chicken's Feng Shui ---hang a mirror in front of it...LOL!



Happy Mal-Day in the U. S. of A.

Irreverent Italy said...

And, it's about Bad Karma...they're going to keep the name Alitalia! Synonomous with impeccably friendly service, no strikes and excellent luggage service.
I guess it saves in paint jobs and signage worldwide...but still -- Always Late in Takeoffs, Always Late in Arrivals.