Friday, January 23

Il Pasquino

This is one of Rome's infamous "talking statues". As I posted long ago, he was nothing less than Earth's first blogger. There were once five of them in Rome, and irate and poetic (and usually quite quite witty) writers would post messages all over them, railing against the government, taxes, people and the authorities in general. A posting on one side of town would receive a response from a blogger on the other. Click here for an excellent posting about them.

The Vatican had the statue near them moved inside, as was the talking 'gigante' at the top of the Campidoglio in a weak effort to stop public displays of disobedience. But the Pasquino still stands and even these 5 centuries later keeps posting.
So, as one of the changes to my blog, I will update his tradition by offering his posts in the left hand column (towards the bottom), along with my rudimentary (and un-rhyming) translation. They generally refer to things going on in Italy, but for us residents, I think we'll "get" the meaning. If not, maybe my Italian readers will help us out...

Santo Silvio
La notizia non è bella
delle bufale campane
la squisita mozzarella
or si trova nelle grane
Silvio, non con sacrificio,
vuol comprare il caseificio

The news is not good
from the buffalo on the plains
the exquisite mozzarella
is now in deep pains
Silvio, not without a sacrifice
wants to buy the cheese producer's edifice

you can download a terrific document about Il Pasquino (in Italian) here.

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Anonymous said...

Viste le "bufale" che spara ogni giorno ha bisogno di una fabbrica ben avviata.
Ma mica la compra, la requisisce (non con sacrificio...).