Monday, January 19

Unveiling the Veline Defense

My original posting from her first trial.  October 2011, Amanda Knox and her ex-boyfriend, Raffaelle Sollecito is defending her case through the Court of Appeals.  

Anyone who has heard any news from Italy these days knows about the murder trial going on in Perugia. Amanda Knox and her (now) ex boyfriend who are on trial for murdering her roommate with a quick knife cut to the throat. And, although she changed her story time and again, she says she’s innocent.
Obviously, the time she’s already spent in jail watching Italian TV (in Italy, you’re guilty until proven innocent) has taught her a few things. And so 'Foxy Knoxy' (her former internet i.d.) has decided on a charm defense, trying to turn it on for the presiding judge, after seemingly already winning over her lawyers. So here we have another case of a 20-something naughty girl (or Veline, as they're commonly called here, basically, 'eye candy'), flirting around with yet another overdressed septuagenarian man. Only this time, he’s not donning a 3 pc. suit, but covered head to toe in robes.
There’s one thing her Italian finishing school didn’t teach her, though. That laughing is not acceptable for girls of any repute, let alone of ones of hers. I might add that, given the circumstances (oh, say, a senseless murder of a roommate or, you know, the fact that you may rot in an Italian prison for some 30 years), that one might cop a more serious pose. I’m thinking something along the lines of say, the Statue of Liberty and decidedly not Charo.
So her coquettish behaviour, giggles and hardy laughs with the men obviously garnered the big headlines. Not so much for offending the décor of the trial itself, but for having so blatantly flaunted one of the Golden Rules for Women Living in Italy: THOU SHALT NOT LAUGH IN PUBLIC. I swear it was one of the original 10 Commandments.
Amanda says in her defense, “They’ll come ‘round to seeing my side of the story”. But what about the victim’s side? 
 Let’s just hope the judge can keep his hormones out of the courtroom. Perhaps the prosecution can show him a few episodes from Perry Mason or Colombo as a sort of counter-defense measure.


Anonymous said...

Her family was on all of the American morning TV shows last week. Her sister said Amanda is the victim of an anti-American bias. [um, what?]

“It’s because she’s an American. They don’t really like her there because she’s a pretty girl [guess sis doesn't know much about the Bel Paese] and they see her as some target that they can get to, because she’s from a different country.”

Irreverent Italy said...

yeah. right.