Sunday, February 15

Buon Compleanno!

This weekend, it seemed that everyone I know had a birthday to celebrate. In Italy, this is doubly good news, because, instead of the birthday gal or guy getting fêted, you get treated instead! And while here and elsewhere people always throw parties in which guests arrive, gifts in hand, when it comes to bringing the treats to the people, or going out for drinks, the Italians keep up the routine we all had in elementary school.
After all, how many cupcakes have I baked in my lifetime for birthdays at school? [well, come to think of it, not that many since I was born on Leap Day]. But, you get the drift. In Italy, I love the tradition that the birthday boy carries the goodies. That also makes up for people actually having to remember everyone’s birthday at the office. Go out for drinks after work, they buy! And, at the risk of sounding stingy, it makes me happy to have a birthday every four years!
Of course, in Italy, when there is a Leap Year, stores don’t shower you with free gifts and treats like they do elsewhere, but that’s okay. You can still count on my bringing the brownies.

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buon compleanno!