Sunday, February 1

Tante Belle Cose - January

Well, this month Italy gets into the fast lane of the technology super highway:

- The Interior Ministry, after installing turnstiles to come in and out of the buildings for public employees has (supposedly) reduced absenteeism by 40%.
According to the Treasury office, this uptick in productivity alone might keep Italy from falling into a deep recession. More turnstiles are planned soon.

- And, in keeping with the modernizing through electronics, Italy's Education Ministry has proposed using text messages to avert parents when their kids aren't at school and for other 'announcements'.
It's a great idea whose time has come, but, how I remember fondly when it was my own dad who'd call in for me (and my friends) just so we could all go out for pancake breakfasts!

- Talking to friends today, there are communities in America (many of them), including towns where ex-New Yorker ex-Yuppies go to roost without cell phone coverage. In fact, you can't even go across the bridge from Detroit to Windsor for dinner and expect to call for a table.
In Italy, Vodafone has decided to do something to change all that -- by providing fast internet to every little town and hamlet across the boot.
But, a word of warning: read the fine print on your access charges...

- And, one small step behind for (bad) new tech: Vending machines in Italy will no longer be selling alcohol. I'm sure the homeless may be disappointed, but, I sort of think it's a fairly good idea. In the meantime, they've also decided to stop selling alcohol to people in bars and discos after 2am. Considering the amount of car accidents afterwards, it's high time people have started realizing that 4 wheel tech and alcohol don't mix.

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