Wednesday, July 25

Advertising Age: The ongoing saga of Italy's strained relationship with brand image

Every so often I post incredible advertisements that truly capture my eye.  Not for the wit and charm in attracting my attention (although, when I do find a decent gem, I post that too - clearly trying for positive reinforcement in the consumer goods & services dept), but for the huge bubble that opens up over my head with an even larger ? overtop.

No sooner had I snapped this gem of an advertisement, than I saw UnAmericanaaRoma  post her own views on the subject matter.  Rightfully so, Shelley posed the ad as a Quiz:  Try and figure out just what she's selling.

As I remarked on her blog, first they tried a more serious picture of the blonde all dressed in clothes and just indicating the Big News, like a smart newscaster (well, make that a smartly-dressed newscaster in most every other country than Italy where cleavage is in the job description).  Her message?  You have a one-stop shopping place for all your bathroom fixtures.
Clearly, the ad didn't bring in the hoards of customers they were expecting.
So, they decided to really sex up bathroom tiles and had her get undressed.
Next, I expect to see her naked in the shower.

Just think -- once you’ve installed your very own bathroom on a hot, sweaty July day…you’ll come out looking and feeling fresh-faced and blooming as a Bella Rosa!
The adverts may not work, given that women make the ultimate purchase decisions.  But, I'm willing to bet that the Advertising Age of this ad (my usual ranking in terms of actual years in emotional maturity of the guy who made it) is actually somewhere around 69 and older.  Who else but someone who seriously needs their plumbing revamped would base their purchase decisions on the babe flashing her bathroom eyes? 
In my humble opinion, this ad actually works -- it appeals to all the builders and contractors that have to go get their fixtures shined somewhere.  And what better to turn on your faucet than Gruppo Ediltirrenia?  With any luck, they'll be greeted by a pouty blonde to ask them how they'd like their tubes greased...

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