Tuesday, November 16

Advertising Age-The Best of Ancient Roman Headlines

In my periodic critique of Italian ad campaigns, a new bar has been set.  Up High. This is not the gold standard, but the platinum one - done for none other than my favorite local newspaper, Il Messaggero.  And, it's innovative for a number of reasons -- it shows how the internet, when put to good use, can break the boundaries and really provide something useful: a campaign that's fun to see, memorable, doesn't contribute to eye pollution, and hopefully, succeeds in selling more papers.  This campaign was a result of a contest on BootB amongst Creative agencies (winner: LS&Partners). And, whomever selected it, showed that Italians can have a sophisticated sense of humour when it comes to ad delivery.  The tag line?  
Il Messaggero:  The best news-Always (or, for all time...)

Rome Burns. Nero "Not me!"

Cleopatra & Antony: we'll take on Rome

Advertising Age?  A healthy 42 years old.
And, now, you can create your own headlines!  Follow their template - awesome.


Dave514 said...

I tried hard but I still didn't get it. 'Splain it to me.


Irreverent Italy said...

which part? the ad itself? or my rating?
- the ad...headlines of days gone by as they would have appeared in the messaggero / thumbs up.
- my rating? considering most ads here (& if you'd have heard the old messaggero ads, right out of your 5th grade group project, you'd know why I'm so pleased),

- people asking the newsstand guy for the messaggero - so stupid i forgot to listen...

So, you've forgotten your British humour???