Tuesday, November 30

The Gods Must be Crazy

Photo from Il Messaggero Archives
In an extreme example of Art Imitating Life, another wall has come down in Italy (and not in the Berlin sense).  This time, an external garden wall of the Casa del Moralista (Moralist's House).  It has been raining for weeks, and, near to the fallen Domus of the Gladiators (the Schola Armaturarum) came today's crumble.  
In days of yore, if two events like that happened in a span of weeks, you'd start thinking about appeasing the gods or making offerings to Isis.  But now that we have the House of Morals seriously in disrepair, and the fighters no longer standing...I'm ready to place my own little Trevor on an altar, if it would bring an end to the decay.

Maybe that's what Berlusconi must do - make the ultimate sacrifice and stop surrounding himself with escorts and cavort with Virgins instead.  He'd have to sacrifice them in the end, though, but at least he'd do away with his 'deep throats' (in more ways than one).

Now...Lay down, Trev, Lay down!
See a slide show & good analysis here

And again, on 2 December, another break in the wall...
This time, at the Domus of Trebio Valente right near the Schola Armaturarum


cuz liz said...

Would those be equal-opportunity virgins? boys AND girls? Or, continuing from the comments on the last post, are they to be only girls?

Irreverent Italy said...

You can only sacrifice girl virgins - although maybe the Catholic Church could offer up a few young altar boys...

Unknown said...

Yes, Francesca, then you could buy a real dog, like a Porty!...LOL!!!