Wednesday, February 23

The Colosseum - Lit with rage

Although no one is happy about this particular occasion for lighting up the Colosseum, Rome City put the spotlight on abuse of women after first an American and then a Spanish tourist were raped this week.  While highly unusual in our fair city, shining the lights on the subject of rape and domestic violence is quite welcome.
Now if we can only see the day when the Colosseum goes dark - but people's lives will be sparkling.
Picture from lifeloveandgelato

You can read my full posting on this initiative here, which was announced on 25 November, international day of recognition against violence toward women.


Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't you want them to light the Colosseum? Not trying to sound ignorant, but it seems alright to me. Its a pretty breathtaking place at night and they seem to have stayed away from way too tacky or outlandish.

Irreverent Italy said...

If we don't have occasion to light it up for women being brutally murdered or abused at the hands of their loved ones or complete strangers, it will be a bright day, indeed.