Friday, February 25

Now That's Italian! FIAT + GUCCI = AMORE

There's one reason to be glad that February is a short month - The arrival on March 1st of the latest Fiat 500, designed by Gucci (well, part-ways).  And the great part is, the entire car even costs less than a piece of Gucci luggage.  Now that's Amore!

So, check out the launch here:
And, read about the car in Automobile Mag here


Dave514 said...

It maybe Amore for you but I remember tryiing to get in and out of one many years ago in Germany. It was made under contract by BMW. It was a convertible with a solid body NO DOORS. I'm 6' 3." You figure it out. It's made for midgets.

Irreverent Italy said...

No one in my family will ever forget all 6 of us in one of those...Or, maybe it was a '600 - doesn't matter. I can't believe we didn't get heat stroke.

Dave514 said...

No matter the model it's still "Fix it again Tony."

I really can't see them selling many of them in the US.