Tuesday, March 9

Italy's Poor Little Rich Kid

The Lottomatica people, basically the ones who run the State lotteries have never had it so good.  In a time of severe recession, here we have their income (nearly all profits) up by over 7 billion euro -- Only the mafia, Italy's largest company, does better.

And so, to really 'strut their stuff', and show us all they got, what did they do to thank their 'customers' for the greatest profits in the history of gambling?  Well, first, they did what they do best, and -- lied.  They released a new game, Win for Life except that the winnings only last 20 years (talk about misleading advertising).

Then, they obviously sat on their laurels and watched a lot of B movies because they came out with this ad campaign for their new 10elotto game (I won't even bore you with the pathetic 'play on words' on the name).
Basically, their awesome ad people (more likely the boss' mistress or young offspring) pulled the cast of characters from Woody Allen's 'Everything you wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask' to give us a bunch of orange-colored sperm or worse, human condoms, to promote their game.

If this team of germs that gets washed out with Listerine had anything to do with the Olympics, well, then, another case of bad ads, considering that the human lugar who last donned this outfit, died.
Whatever the reason, there's simply no excuse for this eye pollution.

the cast of woody allen's only funny film.


Dave514 said...

More important than this unadulterate piffle is the passing of the last of La Dolce Vita,---Peter Van Wood.

He had the top band in the whole of Europe from 1949 till the beginning of the Rock and Roll era. At one time known as, "The Little Prince of Capri." He had as his first wife one of the Princesses of the Shah of Iran. After R & R came in he became the Astrologer on RAIUNO for 20 plus years every morning, making 10 times that he'd made as a singer guitar player. He'd been on the Ed Sullivan show twice and honored several times at the San Remo Music Festival. He had composed and recorded over 70 songs. Google his reportoire. A big promoter of the calcio club of Lazio. In 2005 he was honoured by Italy as a Chevalier of the State of Italy.He was a close personal friend of mine. I considered him the elder brother I never had. The end of an era.



Francesca: Sorry but his death really got to me.

Irreverent Italy said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing. I remember the astrologer on RAIUNO!!! Too funny.

But, hey...I try my hardest to provide the best unadulterated piddle on the planet!!!!!

Dave514 said...

Sorry about my rant but I had to tell some one.

Piffle is one thing ---piddle is quite another...LOL!!!