Wednesday, June 1

Tante Belle Cose - May in Italy

As far as Great things going down in the merry month of May, readers most likely will believe that I am personally rejoicing the trouncing that Berlusconi's party candidates received in the recent Mayoral elections this past week.  While it pleases me as a referendum on our Dear Leader, in my unbridled cynicism, I don't think the candidates who cleaned up in the elections from the Left will be any more honest, better and bribe-free.  Watch this blog when the Left - now in charge of the store - starts getting caught with their hands in the tills.  
Having said that, however, I am personally thrilled that the (Partito delle Libertà) PdL party even got trounced in Arcore (Sardinia), Berlusconi's playground, making it for one fine way to end the month.
Italy cleans up
Elsewhere on the Peninsula, Italy's Legambiente (Environmental Group) spent 2 days spring cleaning.  In fact, they picked up over 50 tons of garbage off our beautiful coastlines, hoping that those that frequent the beaches sort of learn by example.  To put things in perspective, 30% was plastics, but even 5% was aluminum -- enough to make 274 bicycles.  
And, speaking of garbage, in May another corrupt businessman, Mr. Fazio, got the heat for messing with financial markets while head of the Bank of Italy, in order to push a Dutch offer out and allow an Italian group to take over a bank.  He'll be doing 4 years' time for his valiant efforts.
And, while on the topic of recycling, a caustic curator & art critic, Vittorio Sgarbi, made his own suggestion for the godawful statue purported to depict Pope John Paul II.  "Bring it up to the (contemporary art fair) Venice Biennale.  There, it might elicit a new and maybe better response."  He went on to say, "If the statue was to be a depiction of JPII, well, then, when I saw it, I should have known straight away who it was."  Hear, hear.
As for me, the best news this month was that I've cleaned off and gussied up my bicycle.  And, aside from the Black Lung I'll get from riding surrounded by car exhaust, it feels great to ride around Bella Roma on these gorgeous spring days.  Happy trails.

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Dave514 said...

Perhaps what really needs to happen is first for Greece to go off the Euro followed by the PIIGS. This might sort out your political problem. Under these circumstances, your salvation would probably be another Il Duce more like the first one.

It seems that Italians don't know how run a country and never will. It's either that or break up into little pieces, like the Northern Territories, the Papal States and the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. I always said that those living South of Roma were all really Sicilians....LOL!!! I mean you really can't claim that Neapolitani speak Italian can you?