Wednesday, June 29

What's Wrong with this Picture II ?

There's been a huge tempest brewing in the internet teapot since last week, when Italy's Partito Democratico (the left and opposition party to Berlusconi's) launched their annual outdoor festival in Rome.  Women's groups were incensed to find the woman depicted headless & as a hot pair of legs, alĂ  Marilyn Monroe, next to the businessman of the day, smiling and fully attired, in a necktie no less.
The Winds of Change
After women's groups started protesting, the PD answered the resulting polemic with their own - incredible - response:
The ad simply depicts a familiar icon and showing a pair of legs doesn't damage the image of women in the least.
They seemed to have forgotten that Marilyn is an icon for about 40% of the population - the heterosexual men amongst themselves...

As for me, while I'm heartened that women are finally taking note and speaking up, I take a more guerrilla approach: 
I find every single poster plastered by the politicos all across the country sexist - since they contain only all-male names running for offices, championing causes, speaking at conventions, rallying the crowds.  
Until the men release the women from their invisibility cloak burkhas (and not in the Berlusconi sense), it's still 'No Country for Women'young or old.

What do you think?  Sexist?  Fun? Effective?


Dave514 said...

Oh Francesca, oh Francesca, you want to change Italy, buona fortuna!

I will say Silvio, Il Duce, Berlusconi has a number of good looking female Ministers. Maybe, they're just eye candy and they couldn't find it with both hands in the dark...I dunno. It's a beginning. For the rest, not in your life time nor your children's.


Anonymous said...

i find that poster with the legs offensive & pathetic. So much for creativity and originality...

Dave514 said...

Anonymous: You find legs offensive...pleeeeeaaase, get a life!

La Vita Saporita said...

I always love reading your reality checks. As for the posters - epic fail on BOTH counts. Does someone actually get paid to come up with this stuff?

Irreverent Italy said...

Davide - you're showing your age...
Women's hot legs to showcase a political event are offensive. Side by side w/a guy in a suit makes it worse.

As for the creativity fail, I found that as the general consensus on the web - lack of creativity. Yes, people get paid, year after year for turning out this same old rot. If it's not sexy, it's usually a woman being cheated on or dismembered in some fashion.

With women making 80% of the purchase decisions...when will they learn?

And while I don't think I'll change Italy, I'm happy that women are finally fed up -- and, speaking out am I'm glad to be one of them.

Dave514 said...

They're beautiful legs.....for God's sake all of you......move on.