Thursday, July 16

Rome's Nose Jobs

While biding my time at Rome's ACEA Electrical Co. offices (just wait 'til you hear about that one!), I came across this incredible treasure map of Rome's Nasoni water fountains. And so, as a service to tourists and residents alike, currently melting in the unbearable summer heat, I thought I'd publish it here for you.
Why, in the face of EU fines they would ever actually provide the world with an actual map to their water-wasting ways is beyond me, but, maybe it's a nod to transparency. Of course, should officials descend on the ACEA fontanella, they'd find it was retrofitted with a tap. Why the dozens of others don't get them is beyond me. But, in reality, I wonder if it'd make a difference -- after all, the water's flowing beneath our feet anyway, no?

I also found their listing of the quality of Rome's water, which is better than bottled and the best thing in town...(but, they never come clean on the pipes which bring it into your home...)


Carol said...

i love the map! did acea have them sitting out for the taking? i mean, should i haul over there to get one..or not waste my time.

Irreverent Italy said...

Sitting out in huge tubes for the taking...really cool, along with a Carta d'Identità of the water itself.