Wednesday, October 7

Letter from Milano

Returning to Milano is always a wonderful experience. It seems here, with the swanky clothes and the bustling vibe, everyone is on a mission, and even 'la crise' (economic downturn) doesn't seem to have an effect, judging by the outfits of the hundreds of people flocking to all the cafès & bars in the center.
Each time I visit, I find something new. This time, they've announced their own bike rentals -- carrying the appropriately cool moniker (as per my previous entry), Bike Sharing and accompanied by an advert that was actually very very good. Dare I say it? Milan, if you ignore the fact that you have a grey ceiling overhead, is a breath of fresh air.

The Italian version of "You made your bed, now sleep in it" is, "You wanted the bicycle, now pedal it"

While there, I attended the opening of the fab Boscolo Hotel (I didn't rent a bike, but got there in a Maserati, compliments of Elite Rent). I hadn't seen that much black and glitter and heels since the funeral of the Godfather. Wandering around the gorgeous architecture of Itala Bota, I felt we were all extras in a refilming of Bonfire of the Vanities but this time, with a 1950s view of how 2010 should look. We were treated to a cast of characters straight out of Cirque de Soleil, a woman with a live owl, another launching a falcon outside, and near the unbelievable pool (also from Woody Allen's Sleeper), a stunning mermaid.
Although I couldn't find very many handsome men as eye candy (if you don't count the bouncers and security detail, all looking like Men in Black), it was a pretty amazing spectacle, or, to use the very appropriate Italian, spettacolo.

The only thing that goes counter to all the hustle and bustle of Milan is the dead end you hit after you rush off your train, run to the welcoming staircases and are stopped in your tracks as you look over the railing as if at the Grand Canyon, to gaze at the vast emptiness where the snazzy escalators once were...You back up, turn around, and make your way down the 20 minute zigzag maze. Which leaves you ample time to ponder where you'll be deposited on your way down...
Nonetheless, a good time was had by all.


Dave514 said...

Normally, I'd email you directly, but you don't read your gmails anyway do you?

Why not open an Outlook Express account using Mailwasher as a Freebie spam filter then you'll be able to put messages into folders. Just a thought.

If you ever want a good price in staying at an Hotel Boscolo let me know as I have a good contact in Roma.

Ok kiddo, that's it for today.

Un abbraccio,


PS Friday's my 78th.

cuz liz said...

Are the bikes available all year or just late spring and summer, as in Foligno?

@Davide: Happy Birthday!

Dave514 said...

Cuz Liz:
Mille grazie, per le compleanno.

Un Abbraccio,


Dave514 said...

Went on the internet to see the fabuloso photos of the Exedra Milano.

Dantastic! I'm sure with prices to match.


Eating olives with my dog said...

Thanks for your blog, I am moving to Italy soon and so interesting to read of other people's experience!