Wednesday, November 4

Tante Belle Cose - October 2009

I obviously have a case of brain freeze...I almost forgot to write all the wonderful things that happened last month -- with the most important (but it was this month), The Heat Came On for all of us in Southern Italy! It doesn't matter much though, because in my palazzo they voted for it to come on when it's hottest - noon til 9. Which means, for those of us who work, taking a shower in the cold each morning, or taking a shower in the cold each evening, after work. I think it's due to those bouts of nostalgia for the old days that Italians love so much. But I digress (although I'm typing with a hat, coat and scarf on...and it's not even winter!)

For those of us a bit addicted to the Superenalotto Lottery Game (with prizes well over $100 M often), it has finally joined the rest of Europe and is offering play time online.
This is good news for many, but not for those truly addicted...

Not only did the Calder exhibit open at Rome's Palazzo degli Esposizioni (one of my favorite artists), a show regarding the work of Galileo was just inaugurated (on until Jan 6th).
It took them 500 years to issue a pardon, and about as long to show his work on Roman soil...Nonetheless, it's taking place at Palazzo Incontro, and I plan to be there.

One of Italy's applauded 'brain drain' medical researchers who has returned to his roots was asked to give his (supposedly) anonymous opinion on a number of projects that would get financing, based on his approval. Suddenly, he was met with numerous 'raccomandazioni', "to make a favorable decision" or give "the highest vote possible". He refused to capitulate.
Now, if more people will follow his example...(although it remains to be seen how long he'll be holding his post).

And finally, it will be considered a crime for those trafficking in animals or mutilating them for aesthetic purposes, with heavy fines to pay.
One blow for the cute little pet shops, one giant leap for mankind.


Dave514 said...

Do you have heat rationing because Roma is still living in WWII conditions, are they cheap or is heat not a basic need? Do you at least get hot water on demand? No, no, this is intolerable in modern day society that you can't be warm except in the warmest part of the day.


Dave514 said...

I looked at some of Calder's shapes and they are very creative. One might consider them interesting , fun or even amusing.
They hardly compare to, The Perfect Painter's Last Supper. Now there's a story in every detail and beauty besides. A painting to be gazed at in awe by the hour. Calder a mere flash in the pan.

Besides, if you cock your head to one side while looking at one it reminds me of sex. I don't know why, but someone told me that's what one does with Modern Art...LOL!


Anonymous said...

We saw the gallileo exhibit in Florence, it was great! Hope it's the same one.
How about commenting on the 1 family in Italy who filed a lawsuit to keep the crucifixes out of the classroom! Maybe its too polarizing for the blog!

Irreverent Italy said...

Actually, it's the entire country of Italy now filing a lawsuit against the EU over their decree...
They say it's a 'national symbol' like the flag...