Thursday, August 5

What's Wrong with this Picture?

Our main man, Silvio, has lent his voice to a nice ad promoting 'Visit Italy' -- to the Italians.  It's fairly well done (save for a few transitions...but I won't talk 'shop') -- after all, he's a showman first & foremost.  But a few people have complained about it.  See why for yourself.  LOL


cuz liz said...

Damn those English words! They flashed it so quickly, though, there wasn't any time for imprinting that tagline.

Irreverent Italy said...

Oh, that's a good one! Yes, they don't leave enough time on any of the transitions...or let it sink in & appeal to the emotions. Why they felt they needed to rush it - i don't know why.
So, you're right...a clip for Italians with the English, but that's not what's wrong with the PICTURE.

Think: images.

Ggnitaly84 said...

is it the fact that it didn't show any images of the south of italy , only sardegnia, florence, milan , rome ..?

cuz liz said...

Yes, after I wrote that I looked on youtube and saw all the complaints. Fire that ad agency!

Irreverent Italy said...

Wow. Those are good, too!

What people were complaining about, is the fact that it reveals the Sistine Chapel ceiling --- That's not located in Italy, although we're splitting hairs here...You still have to BE in Italy to get there (unless of course you're one of the formerly exiled Savoia's & then you arrive by helicopter)

But, people were saying, "why should our tax dollars promote the treasures of the Vatican when none of the revenues go to Italy??"

They have a point there.

As for me, I would have preferred to see Etna, Bari, or Cefalù...!