Saturday, November 20

FIAT breaks glass - in more ways than one

The American arrival of the cutsie Cinquecento this week (NOT to be called the five hundred, per favore!) made headlines the world over – and of course, in Italy it was quite a big deal here in Bell’Italia.  The ultimate in 'Bella Figura.'  It was as if overnight, those ships they once cracked a bottle of Champagne over were transformed into mini-cars launched with a bottle of Prosecco.  This time, however, the Italians disembarked with their heads held high.  No more Fix it again, Tony – or at least, we’re all touching our privates to ward off that jinx.  So beloved of the press, we can call it, Tony's Vendetta.
But what was the most titillating, from news articles to editorials to facebook commentators was the launch itself – not so much the car.  Italian-American Laura Soave was just as much in the headlights of the cute little car she presented to the world. 
Here we had, a spokeswoman, start the engines of the FIAT 500.  After centuries of men droning on about their autos while Stepford women draped the cars, smiles as frozen as their cerebral cortex, an MCP like Agnelli is probably turning somersaults in his grave. 
And, she got rave reviews.  Most striking was, she was actually clothed!  No T&A, no flirtations - although she looks quite good on camera – a huge step for womankind not to be presented as a dim hood ornament, but actually as fully clothed & conscious, Mistress of Ceremonies (without being the mistress-not that I'd know...but Marchionne?).  As usual, her age was bantered about in all the media—not sure if it was because she was so young to have such responsibility, or if it was because she was so old – she was clearly not to be taken for eye candy.  Either way, in Italy, she nearly garnered as much print space as the car & Company itself.
Now that they've allowed a woman to smash through the windscreen, let’s see what else is under the hood. 


Dave514 said...

You must stop using acronyms that I don't understand. I know what T and A are but what's an MCP?

Laura Soave is vin ordinaire barely a six. As for Roberto Giolito, coupes are for chickens. The word is coupee.I can't put the accent on the final "e."

Irreverent Italy said...

MCP = Male Chauvinist Pig

The point is, she's a professional & she's female & doesn't need to bare all to get on the airwaves (just turn on the RAI primetime...or better yet, check out the Primo MCP's stations, con amore, Berlusca.

C'mon & admit it...the car's a cutie!!!

mmtmrb said...

Really enjoyed this after seeing the launch! True, true, true!

Irreverent Italy said...

Except...after hearing Laura actually talk, I had a few cringing moments:

-with her midwestern twang, she sounded like me, with a dash of Cher in "Moonstruck" added in for good measure.

-she needs to cut out the Ummmmming

-she said - mammamia - FIVE HUNDRED at first...!!! Is that to get the Americans into the swing of what comes next? Cinquecento??

Still, gotta love the car.

Unknown said...

Cute might sell in Roma and even CA, but it won't sell in the rest of the US. We don't have the overall overcrowded cities and we travel too far and need our comfort. Fraist It Again Tony.

Irreverent Italy said...

Maybe like the gondolas at the Venetian hotel in Venice, they'll have to make an extra wide version? But, then again, we already had that: The Pacer