Monday, March 12

Meet Francesca Maggi!

For those in Rome, or with friends or tourists in Rome, I will be presenting my book on the following occasions, answering your queries and generally hanging out at some of my favorite places in Rome:


near Bocca della Verita' offering one of the most spectacular views in all of Rome!
Starting at ore 19 / Readings at 19.30
Drinks €10 + appetizers

-------------------------------  THURSDAY APR 26th ore 20 TEATRO ARCILIUTO

SUNDAY APR 29th ore 17 and ore 20
MONDAY APR 30th ore 20

Performing Scenes from an Italian Restaurant as part of the English Theatre monologues show "CONSEQUENCES"

And...a Garden Party at Rome's fab Beehive Hotel is in the works! 
Watch this spot...


Dave514 said...

More photos please.


renata said...

Mi piaci in quella foto: molto "regale"

taryn said...

Would you be interested in coming to the Pisa area? Maybe presenting at Camp Darby (US Military base)? We have a social group that would love to hear you speak!

taryn said...

P.S. We have Reeses peanut butter cups! ;)

Irreverent Italy said...

Taryn! Of course, I'd love to come up - wknds are best but could manage during the week as well...

Esp. if you are going to tempt me with REESES!!!!

Pls send me an email at Trevor220 [at] gmail
and we can organize.

Oh - and speaking of wonderful things you can't get here from home check out My Expat Shopping Spree: