Friday, April 6

Women in Italy - is there a race for the cure?

Italy boasts the largest and most successful Komen Race for the Cure committee outside the USA, and I believe also the longest-running international organization.  That comes as no surprise -- it was Italian women who first spearheaded women's rights in Europe.  So as we prepare to Race for the Cure in Rome (come May), the event attracts national attention.  It's a wonderful way for everyone, racing or not, to spend the day in the party atmosphere and in a traffic-free Rome, for a very good cause.
But while Italy's women athletes still bring in the lion's share of the awards in international sports arenas worldwide, the men back at home and at the helm still can't seem to get it through their bosoms (because they're too busy checking out the hooters at the office) that women have moved ahead.  If they would just let the ladies step up to the plate, women would knock it out of the park as well.  Maybe because women don't play baseball here that that cliché simply doesn't work...
So, I was pleased to come across some promotional materials from some of the sponsors of the Komen Race.  This one, in particular, makes it clear where the ladies are headed:  On their hands and knees to scrub the floors.  

Implicit is the message that, once you're through scrubbing away, you'll be ready to put out with that 'Come Hither' look as well.
As I once heard a popular (male) sociologist claim,
"Gentlemen - if you helped out around the the end, the women will be less tired out and ... you'll get more sex!"  
Cari Italiani -- perhaps it's high time to dedicate some rubber gloves to the guys...

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Tiffany Parks said...

This is absolutely incredible! I am surprised (and thrilled) to hear that there are so many Italian women excelling in international sports (I don't follow sports at all) and I can imagine that most Italian men could care less.
The vileda add makes me want to throw up a little--there are no words.
In other news, I had to go to about 6 different supermarkets to find rubber gloves in size large (for my husband) and I concluded it's because almost no one ever buys them! Why would they? At least I can be thankful that even though I live in a sexist country, at least my husband defies the stereotype.