Sunday, June 30

DIY POSTAL SERVICE...Is this what it's come to?

I guess once people started emailing each other, Post Offices worldwide thought it might make a great re-branding initiative.  You know, where you can start delivering the mail yourself, much like bringing home an Ikea piece of furniture or going to a Home Depot.  And heck, they're such successful businesses...Why not?
And so, while the U.S. & Italy start slowing down the service, even the strange gets stranger...
A friend in Milan kept finding mail for other buildings up and down the block in his mailbox.  Considering the volume they now transport, you'd think they'd at least get the address right.  No matter, every so often, he'd drop the envelopes at the right address and not think about it any further.  Until he went away for awhile.  Upon return, he had quite a number of letters that needed forwarding to the correct address.
Seeing that he lives just across the street from the Post Office, he thought he'd inform them of the lapse in correct mailbox delivery, while bringing them the stack of envelopes.  You can imagine what transpired next:

- You want to post these letters?  Well, no, not exactly.
- I'm trying to tell you that the person from this very office and up & down this very street isn't very keen on looking at address, here, go ahead & re-deliver them.

Instead of a Grazie, or even a lowly, We'll take care of it...or, any other host of intelligent responses, he was met with the most outlandish:

- If you're so concerned, why don't you just go & deliver them yourself?  Because, if you leave them here, you'll have to pay the postage to have them sent to the correct address.

Naturally, he turned and simply walked away.

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