Wednesday, September 18

Italy...Raising of the Concordia

From the inimitable genius of Gianni Falcone 
He is the hand behind my cartoon of the week (see tab on my home page).

Now gonna be a tough one to set straight.

Although the entire world has weighed in on this debacle:  From the 32 dead (two people still not recovered), the mind-boggling idiocy of the Captain and his utterly ludicrous self defense,  to the recent conviction of five crew members for manslaughter, to the expense of the salvage operation (eventually topping out over $1 billion),  I thought the commentary from Metro newspaper's Maurizio Guandalini was quite poignant [he invites us to make our own inference, which for me is the end of the Berlusconi govt and over to Monti's temporary govt before the elections that brought us the young Letta]:

"...we've raised up from the ashes what was vanquished a year and a half ago.  Whatever way you think on it, just know that they're watching us from the four corners of the earth.  Between the control room and the decision room, our Made in Italy name was totally putrified.  But with a nod from Leonardo Da Vinci, on the edges of a Tuscan island, we deployed our utmost genius and technical abilities."



Dave514 said...

The only thing Italy did was screw-up.

Italy can thank Richard Habib of Titan salvage a US company that spearheaded the operation.

Unknown said...

A US company running the salvage operation, a South African captain in charge and yet this is Italy at its best? I'm usually a fan of Letta, but does he think that the rest of the world is watching and seeing a triumph?

Unknown said...

This cartoon made me laugh, I think he captures the mood perfectly!

Irreverent Italy said...

Wow. I hadn't thought of it...but, according to the 60 Minutes news reports...most of the engineers toiling away in Venice (you know, where they have a boat making history) were Italian engineers...

But one thing I do know from seeing the pics...It's no ship - It's a suburb.

Those things are just way too big!