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Roma Termini Train Station - a place where living comes to life

Longtime readers of my blog will know that I have a few select memes regarding Life in Italy - one of them being, that the entire country needs a crash course in Marketing 101. Heck-they can even choose one of thousands online and free! And so it was, when I caught the new Rome Termini Train Station ad - website - and marketing program.  But, I'll be fair.  Their website is truly terrific.  Thought out nicely, excellent graphics, and even user-friendly.  So on that front, kudos to you web designers!  One trip over there, and you can see all that Rome's Central Train Station has to offer. 
But then there it was...front and center, their cool new moniker. I can't decide if it is tongue-in-cheek like the Brits would do, or if they are totally serious about this.  It reads, literally, "Roma Termini: A place for living."  
Check out the Home Page - there's more to Rome's Train Station
than meets the eye!
I imagine that what they mean by this, is in reality, "A place to experience the joys of life" or something along those lines. But, really? Because, when I think...a place for living, the hundreds of people actually living there come to mind.
picture from Il Tempo newspaper
Here, thanks to a mix of outstanding volunteer associations, our guests at least are treated to breakfast in bed - even better service than most of us get at home.
Volunteers help to do what they can for the homeless
in Rome's Termini Station
Adra Assoc
The other association that runs Binario 95 - a place that helps the mentally ill or infirm and locates beds around Rome does incredible work.  But their name?  Europe Consulting. Perfect for a marketing consulting firm in Brussels. Marketing 101 anybody? 


Alessandro said...

Yes, Europe Consulting Onlus, is the real name of our social cooperative, Just because the Onlus was born to share social innovation amongst Europe. I know it would be better to be called "Angels of the street" or "Bread for the poor" or maybe "Clean your soul helping the homeless"... but we think the most important thing is the work that has to be done, and it is done only with paid professional people. We have also a partner association if you want a more "fair" name that is "Amici di Binario95" That is "Friends of Binario95" and in this we accept volunteers. But the important thing to understand is that this work, and is a work, has really to be done by psicologist, social operators, doctors, mediators, and not ONLY by volunteers and associations with "nice names". And Sharing (amongst Europe or amongst the all World) is a foundamental part of our work. The European railway company network in europe, was born with our european projects for homeless people, and, reguarding the station, in Italy there are about 80.000 and I write again 80.000 square meters given for free by the railway company (Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane) for Social interventions, 13.000 mq of this in the principal railway station are Help Centers like the one "Europe Consulting Onlus" manage in Roma Termini.
And You want to know who are the people sleeping outside the Station? Refugees, that should have (must have for the European Ginevra Protocol on Asylum seekrs) a sudden and proper shelter in the muncipality social system network. But the places in Rome ar not enough: 10.000 homeless people living in the street for about 4000 shelters given by the System, and so... the Termini Station, sadly, became yes "a place to live", not only for Train customers but even for the homeless people. And it is a GOOD place to live, there are toilets, markets, services, Security, cleaning every day, it is repaired by cold in the winter and Warm in the summer... so, Yes, it is a good, place, but... the fact is that it is NOT the RIGHT place. Homeless people shoudl have a PROPER shelter, but actually there is not so much more to offer in the city.

So thanks to the Raliway company, thanks also to the voluntears that helps, ant thanks to you tha write about this problem; sensibilizing could help to move the institutions to do more, to find more proper places. And Thanks to "Europe Consulting Onlus" and to Binario 95, that is the center they manage. It's a very difficult problem, we should really need a proofed consultant to solve, and sometimes even a "Europe Consulting" is not enough, maybe next time we should lokk for a "World Consulting", if it could help...


Alessandro Radicchi

P.s. Please axcuse my typos and my english mistakes

Irreverent Italy said...

Wow Alessandro - GRAZIE MILLE - first and foremost for the amazing work you do and for taking the time to relate more of what you do & what you're about on my blog!
[And...for having a sense of humour about the name]...

I will be sure to spread the news about your organisation...

Tanti Auguri --