Sunday, November 18

And on the 43rd Day...God created your domain

Well, actually no. That's not quite how the story goes. In fact, today I received in my mailbox, a do not pass go, do not collect €500 card...Why?
They say that the information I submitted about me is incorrect (even though I am already on file), due to the problem of middle names in Italy.
Their system only has space for first and last, and, entirely my fault (I admit it, I should have known by now), I submitted false documents...obviously, with my middle name in there.
As a result, not only can I NOT simply correct the name (by merely adding it in), but, I must resubmit all of the information from scratch.

And, although I dutifully signed each page (twice), including the block letter version to avoid any problems, of course, they said that I did also not sign the contract properly. That's because, now you must sign it in two places! Obviously, the bureaucracy was just too little for some people. And so, I dutifully reprinted out the document - carefully paginated by them so you end up with a blank white page on which you are to sign your name.

As I wrote in my October INTERNOT and INTERNOT REDUX entries, I am still waiting for an Italian domain. It cost me five times the U.S. fee, and while for my $9.95 I was live within 24 hrs., I'm still waiting for godot.


Ti comunichiamo che la registrazione del tuo dominio è stata completata con successo e che il tuo nuovo dominio sarà online entro 2 giorni da quello in cui hai ricevuto questo messaggio.

Music to my ears...43 days after my initial request and $67 later, I got my domain! The hitch? It will be 'live' in two more days' time.

With pure hootzpah, is actually advertising to 'Have your own Domain underneath the Christmas Tree'. I imagine they mean Christmas 2008, right?


Anonymous said...

"When will the expense be in line with the service received???" When you move to another country!!!!!!
God bless them, its not about pushing paper, its about trying their best to make sure that not one piece of paper EVER moves. And Italians are REALLY good at this. I went through hell getting permessi during my soggiorno (20 years) in Rome....I read your saga with interest and lots and lots and lots of sympathy. Now, forza, one more time.....eventually someone will take pity on you and issue the darn thing. You just have to keep at it. I tend to think of it as a reward for perseverence, or if you like, a perseverence test. They'll give you the maledetto permesso when you've proved your mettle by not giving up!

Karen said...

Oh dear God! The middle name problem. My husband and I were almost not able to marry because of my middle name. (Long stupid story.)

As a fellow sufferer of Italian bureaucracy I offer you my sincere sympathy.

This is my first comment on your blog. I just began reading it a couple of weeks ago and have really been enjoying it.