Friday, March 7


Ad appearing in IHT

Group of Italian citizens is desperately seeking fairly/marginally honest politicians to run in the next political elections for the Italian Parliament.

The salary is extremely competitive (among the highest in the world) and "countless beyond the imagination" benefits are included. Immunity from prosecution is also guaranteed.

Once elected, the candidate may bring along friends and relatives who will be offered positions as top level state administrators or directors of a national TV network.

Job location is in one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods in the heart of Rome (walking distance from Piazza Navona).

No particular skills are required (in fact, having no skills at all is perfectly OK). No actual work is requested, except appearing on TV talk shows, where politicians are not supposed to answer questions, but are invited to join well known soubrettes and sing along popular themes.

Candidates should contact Lucrezia Marfiorio

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Anonymous said...

they forgot one point: worse you do as a politician, more money you get!!!