Thursday, May 14

Italy's Business Weak: Nutella and Taxes

There's a lot going on in Italy's business world, affecting not only Italians, but the world...and, contrary to popular belief (especially this popolo), much of it is quite positive. I thought I'd share my bus recap with you:

Now, I like to poke fun at the Italians for being Brand Challenged, but, they actually captured the prize given by the Reputation Institute for having the most trustworthy brand on planet earth: the ever-lovin', ever-smooth, truly scrumptious, so good you can spread it on bread and eat it for breakfast, Nutella.
Confounding common Italian business practice for decades, it still is what it says it is. And while Ikea came second, I'm wondering what happened to good 'ol Kellogg's Corn Flakes (sorry, it's a Michigan thing).

Although threatening to quit, Minister Brunetta keeps on his long march for reining in waste by public servants. He's decided people working in the public office can't be on facebook, although he and all his buddies are.
Obviously, what's good for the goose is not good for the gander.

A report came out on the greatest tax evaders in Italy. Again, contrary to popular belief, it was Italy's north that garnered the top spot. Although one could argue that in the north there are simply more businesses...
It seems to fly right in the face of the logic that Italy's no. 1 Company is the Mafia, who pretty much avoids all taxes...So, go figure.

And, while Alitalia is about to be sanctioned for their lack of respect for timeliness, they have decided to start offering the public low cost airfares.
That's one way to stop the griping on delays...many of the lowcost airlines run permanently late...

Your Nutella Fact Sheet:
- My sister once ordered a case of it when we were little which arrived broken. After sending a letter of complaint, they replaced them all, plus some and coupons on more!
- Ms. Adventures in Italy and At Home in Rome started World Nutella Day back in 2007.
- It would take almost 392,000 jars of nutella to go the entire 17 mile Monterey Bay drive (now, who'd want to do a thing like that??)


bacco1977 said...

Quite irreverent

Jacques said...

I think that movie about Wellness in Battlecreek ("The Road to Wellville") sort of ruined the reputation for ole' Mr. Kellog. That and the sugar coated "Theeeeyre Great" problems of perpetual tooth decay.

And who knows why Nutella, which probably is sugary more so than Frosted Flakes is still considered "healthy enough for the kids", breakfast, snack and bedtime?

cuz liz said...

392K jars on 17 Mile Drive? Who in the world came up with that tidbit? Perhaps if they actually laid them end to end and provided spoons, more people would be willing to walk it instead of driving. Ha!

mt said...

I still have to buy it in bulk at Costco!!